Accreditation Makes MSSC the “Gold Standard” for Industry-Recognized Nationally Portable Credentials

Accreditation Makes MSSC the “Gold Standard” for Industry-Recognized Nationally Portable Credentials

I am pleased to inform you that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the U.S. division of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has just accredited the nationwide Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) under ISO Standard 17024 (Personnel Certification) for its Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certifications.  This makes MSSC the only national certification body with that accreditation for manufacturing and logistics.

On top of its history of high-level endorsements, this widely respected ANSI-ISO recognition makes MSSC effectively the “gold standard” for industry-recognized nationally portable credentials for the core technical competencies of front-line manufacturing and logistics workers.  As a MSSC Board member and long-time user of MSSC’s industry-recognized, nationally portable credentials, I am convinced that this ANSI-ISO recognition reinforces MSSC’s unique and multiple benefits to community colleges:

  • Covers large population eligible for training:  Front-line jobs in manufacturing and logistics represent collectively about 15 million.
  • Increases acceptance by industry clients and placement prospects of certificants:  MSSC’s credentials include the logos of two organizations widely respected by industry:  ANSI/ISO 17024 and the NAM-endorsed Skills Certification System.
  • Conforms strongly with federal certification policy for “Career Enhancing Credentials:” industry-recognition, stack ability, portability and third-party accreditation, such as ANSI.
  • Increases student enrollment through on-demand e-learning solutions.
  • Provides instructor training required to deliver MSSC courses.
  • Offers multiple delivery formats to allow flexible scheduling.
  • Enables schools to offer certifications as well as degrees.
  • Provides the most authoritative national standards for the core technical skills of front-line workers in manufacturing and logistics that can serve well as the starting point and benchmark for your own efforts to determine the industry skill needs in your area.

I encourage you to follow up directly with MSSC’s Executive Director, Neil Reddy ( for more detailed information, including costs and access to MSSC’s authoritative national skills standards.


Bryan Albrecht, Gateway Technical College President

Bryan D. Albrecht, Ed.D.
Gateway Technical College

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