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A Vision for Education

What if we had a clean sheet of paper and wanted to design an education system? How would we start? What would it look like?

I think there is little argument that we’d want it to be evidence-based and data-driven. Nothing couched in years of experience gained under circumstances that no longer exist. Remember, in this exercise, there are no sacred cows to gore, no ego-sensitized toes to tread carefully around. This is all new.

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NC3 and Snap-on Torque Certification Highlights the Importance of Proper Torque

Understanding the principles of torque is much more involved than simply cranking down on a nut until you hear a click. However, old school instruction on torque might have been just that—once you hear the click, the bolt is properly torqued. But is it?

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NC3 Partner, Gateway Grant to Train 100 Technicians to Work at DeltaHawk

RACINE — Gateway Technical College and DeltaHawk Engines will partner on a Wisconsin Workforce Partnership Grant to train 100 new assemblers and technicians at DeltaHawk.

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Can the U.S. Handle a Manufacturing Comeback?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — For years, U.S. manufacturers worried about business being sent overseas. Now, as signs point to a resurgence of American-made goods, a new fear is emerging: that there won’t be enough skilled workers to keep up with demand.

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NC3 Welcomes New Member Mech-Tech Institute

Monday, July 23, 2012, Mech-Tech has joined the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) as leader in vocational training Puerto Rico and Florida.

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