NC3 Partner, Washburn Tech, Partners with Industry Leaders

Washburn Tech partners with Case Construction and Victor L. Phillips Company at the new Washburn Tech Heavy Diesel Construction Technology Program

August 16th 2013 marked the day for the Victor L. Phillips and Case team to meet and greet the new students enrolled in classes at the newest premier diesel technology program in the Midwest. Victor L. Phillips and Case have been instrumental in supplying equipment, parts and people to support the newly established Washburn Heavy Diesel Construction Technology program located in Topeka Kansas.

This opening day was the result of many hours of labor and financial commitment on the part of the Washburn, VLP and the Case CE team. All who are participating in supporting this program fully understand that this is a commitment for the future. The future certainly looks bright for those students who attend Washburn Tech. This is truly an innovative premier diesel technology program and the VLP/Case team is excited about being able to support this one of a kind program. We at VLP are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Washburn Heavy Diesel Construction Technology. This really is a great program that assists to train and shape future generations to fill a highly sought after profession.

Support personnel assisting with the first day for this program included Bill Esterly, Nick Thomas, Mike Amrein, Cole Smith, Eric Smith and Gary Page all from Victor L. Phillips. Corporate officials from Case Construction Equipment included Bruce Reader and James Ruffalo.

Many positive comments were heard about the Washburn Tech Diesel Technology Program. This program is destined to be a benchmark for the country. The students are anxious to learn and ready to start. The setting with so much new Case Construction equipment certainly adds to the excitement.

Victor L. Phillips field service personnel were on hand to demonstrate and talk about the importance of being able to take care of machines in the field for customers to keep moving in a very demanding and rewarding industry.

The need for keeping equipment running in the field is paramount to the success of every piece of construction equipment sold. The value of this importance and the ability to quickly and accurately respond to issues were highlighted with the students at Washburn Heavy Diesel Construction Technology.

At Victor L. Phillips we are certainly looking forward to a bright future for those who are enrolled in this Premier Washburn Heavy Diesel Construction Technology program.
>>View the official press release here.

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