Festo Industry 4.0 Certification Program

Holistic Certification Programs 

The Festo Industry 4.0 Certification Program (FI4.0CP), a new comprehensive industry skills certification, is based on industry and education partnerships to ensure students have the right set of skills to be industry ready. FICP evolved from our global industrial automation division and technical education experience over the past six decades.

FI4.0CP is easily integrated with existing certificate, Associate and Bachelor degree programs, and offers three levels of certification. Fest Didactic partners with NC3 – the trusted certifications accrediting body in the industry – to ensure students are well-trained and ready for technical careers. We do this by deploying the industry’s best trainers, designing a rigorous curriculum, and providing access to simulated smart factory equipment and learning systems.

All FI4.0CP certified instructors go through NC3’s Train-the-Trainer program and achieve an instructor certification that qualifies them to provide training to students (and other educators) on how to operate and maintain sophisticated Industry 4.0 (I4.0) machinery. With FI4.0CP, colleges and universities can feel confident they’re providing students the best possible opportunity for career advancement.

Through the FI4.0CP program, students can horizontally or vertically stack certification levels. Horizontal stacking allows students to train across a variety of topics, for a well-rounded I4.0 education. Vertical stacking provides a more concentrated focus on a specialized topic area, moving through all three levels to complete individual certificates. 

Building Expertise in Industry 4.0 Technologies

To learn more about the Festo Industry Certification Program or becoming an NC3 member, please contact Mark Adrian, Program Manager