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Welcome to the updated website with a host of new features that we think you’ll enjoy as well as a fresh user interface.

Some new features include:

  • Simpler, more modern user interface not limited by a Moodle foundation.
  • Integrated curriculum access.  No need to login to a separate site to access course curriculum.
  • See your Snap-on School tests and Home School all under one Login.
  • Groups Functionality with the ability to Retire Older Students, Add a Whole Group to another Course, and Email the group.
  • Ability for NC3 Admin to Regenerate Certification when Needed (Student Name misspelled, etc.).
  • Ability for Campus Admins and Instructors to run certification reports for their school.
  • For ease, the site will remain at

Start exploring today!
We encourage you to review the User Guide and check the FAQ’s in the Help area at the top of every page in the new website.

We hope you enjoy the new updated website!

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