NC3 National Signing Day: Game Day Pre-Show
March 23, 2020
NC3 Joins Other Leaders to Further Help CTE Students
April 1, 2020
NC3 National Signing Day: Game Day Pre-Show
March 23, 2020
NC3 Joins Other Leaders to Further Help CTE Students
April 1, 2020

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the incredible speed at which things are changing around us, we’re making adjustments to how we operate to respond to the evolving needs of our schools, instructors, and students. 
As part of the ongoing national and local response to this crisis, many schools and institutions have been closed to students. Many school systems are providing classes and coursework through distance learning. For many in NC3’s network, certifications are an integral part of this coursework. NC3 remains committed to providing students the opportunity to learn new skills and expertise while staying true to the high standards you expect.

To this end, NC3 will be temporarily updating its policies to support distance learning as described below. 

NC3: At-Home CTE Learning Initiative

Effective Immediately and for the Next 30 Days:

  • NC3 waives requirements that certifications be presented in personNote, all NC3 certifications you currently have access to will have remote access.

  • How to implement NC3 certifications to your remote students:
    • Assign your students to a given certification within
    • Direct your students to study the Student Manual (Flipbook).
      • Have them skip the labs since they’ll do those when they return from break.
    • Toggle-on “Labs Completed” and allow students to take the certificate exam. 
    • As soon as campus re-opens, have your students complete the necessary labs to complete their certification.
    • Using the student support feature, please upload labs to the student’s profile to prove that they’ve completed their labs at a later date.

  • Safety & Certificates of Knowledge Exams
    • For the next 30 days, NC3 will make all Safety and Certificates of Knowledge Exams (Principle, Theory, Non-hands-on) publicly available to ANY instructor who requests access.
      • To all schools, regardless if you are part of the NC3 Network.
    • You will request these by filling out NC3’s traditional New Certification Request Form.
    • Eligible Theory/Knowledge Certifications include:
      • Lincoln Electric: Principles of Welding
      • Lincoln Electric: Welding Safety
      • Snap-on: Electrical Safety
      • Snap-on: Hand Tool Safety 
      • Snap-on: Wheel Alignment Fundamentals
      • Snap-on: Wheel Balancing Basics
      • Greenlee: Hand Conduit Bending
      • Greenlee: Wire Pathways – Rotary

Additional Industry Partner Resources
NC3 and industry partners around the globe are here to support you. We have linked all available online resources to the NC3’s At-Home CTE Learning Initiative webpage for additional industry resources available to all CTE programs, regardless if you are an NC3 Certification Center or Leadership School.

We know that this is an evolving challenge for schools and instructors. Please stay on the lookout for additional NC3 guidance and resources that will likely evolve in the coming days and weeks. 

Thank your continued support of NC3 certifications and all of your hard work. 
Feel free to contact should you have any questions about implementing.

Stay well,
The NC3 Team

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