NC3 Develops Curriculum for Snap-on V3300 ProX

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September 24, 2020
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October 20, 2020

In partnership with Snap-on Inc., NC3 recently developed new curriculum for the John Bean V3300 mobile wheel alignment system.

Wheel Service – Aligner ProX

The V3300 alignment system is designed to guide technicians of multiple skill levels through an accurate alignment. An important component of the system is the ProX software, which monitors the entire alignment procedure in order to automatically correct and compensate for simple issues. This new system ensures that every alignment is done correctly and in a timely manner.

According to Justin Hoffman, Instructor and Automotive Technician at Gateway Technical College, both schools and students are excited to offer this certification because this curriculum will give students the first-hand knowledge they need to be successful when working in the shop and will give them a leg up on their competition, which will put them at an advantage as they learn the correct wheel alignment methods and the reasons behind them.

Justin continues by saying,

For schools, this is an amazing opportunity to partner with NC3 and gain not only the knowledge to train on the V3300, but also the opportunity to become part of a huge network of schools who gather information and exchange ideas. NC3’s Train-the-Trainer events advance this industry and assure students carry the proper training as well as credentials to accelerate them into this amazing field.

The V3300 allows the technician to access real-time OEM repair information, TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins), recalls, and TPMS reset procedures. The aligner works with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features and provides the right procedure for adjustment.

For more information about this new NC3 certification, please contact Frank van den Berge, NC3’s Program Manager for Snap-on partnership.

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