NC3’s School on the Rise: October 2020
October 20, 2020
NC3 News Recap
October 20, 2020
NC3’s School on the Rise: October 2020
October 20, 2020
NC3 News Recap
October 20, 2020

Our team at NC3 has some impressive employees in our ranks and this Staff Spotlight series aims to highlight the incredibly talented individuals who work with us. We’ll be featuring a new interview in our monthly newsletters, here on our website, and on our social media pages each month.

This month’s Staff Spotlight features NC3 team member, Lisa Marshall. Lisa is the NC3 Program Manager for NC3/Festo partnership, which means she acts as a liaison between schools in the NC3 Network, prospective schools, and our world-class industry partner, Festo.

In addition to her work with NC3, Lisa – a Pittsburgh native – runs the FIRST Robotics Team #1792 and STEM Club at Oak Creek High School in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Her work with the Robotics team first initiated her interest in CTE; she saw changes coming when she realized how effective it was to teach students with a combination of theory and hands-on practice on industry-standard equipment.

Check out our Q&A session below to learn more about Lisa, her favorite project at NC3, why she believes everyone is a true leader, and more!

What has been your favorite project while working at NC3?

My favorite project with NC3 so far has been the growth and expansion of the Festo Program. We’re seeing many new schools and instructors adopting the NC3/Festo certifications, and we’re also receiving great feedback from manufacturers in these areas.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

Knowing that students will be gaining valuable skills they can use toward their futures.

Is there anything, in particular, you enjoy about working with NC3?

The NC3 team, and the people I’ve met; I’ve gained an international base of friends! I was also recently given the opportunity to earn my first NC3 certification, and it was a moment of true pride.

What are some fun elements of working with NC3 that you only learned about after you started working here?

Magic happens at Train-the-Trainer events. Instructors, Master Instructors, and the NC3 team come together from all over the country! Yes, these events are a great opportunity for professional development and the exploration of best practices, but seeing the bonds that form between the people who attend, which later rekindles and continues to grow in phone calls, emails, and texts after the events are what truly makes Train-the-Trainer events so special.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I enjoy working on my family’s hobby farm cleaning up trees, cutting grass, and developing a park-like setting. This is a long term project that will eventually involve building a barn, and a new house.

What is on your wish list for the next 5 years with NC3?

The continued expansion of secondary certifications. This will build a strong base to fill the skills gap for the future of American Manufacturing.

How do you define success, and what does true leadership mean to you?

I believe success is defined by service, and true leadership happens when you know your own personal strengths and then use them to the best of your ability to serve. Everyone is a true leader in their own way.

Want to learn more about NC3’s certifications through Festo, or get more details about the future expansion of secondary certifications within the NC3 Network? Click here to contact Lisa today.

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