NC3 News Recap
October 20, 2020
NC3 Helps Launch a Work Ethic Certification Nationwide
October 30, 2020
NC3 News Recap
October 20, 2020
NC3 Helps Launch a Work Ethic Certification Nationwide
October 30, 2020

Join NC3 to Take Part in This Essential Study

NC3 is excited to support a new president study of community college workforce education through Opportunity America and funded by the Lumina Foundation. We are proud to support this initiative and encourage all NC3 schools to participate!

This new study aims to answer the following questions:

  • How extensive is the workforce education offered today on community college campuses?
  • How extensive are the workforce programs offered by community college noncredit divisions?
  • What share of colleges are adopting the innovations seen at pioneering two-year schools, including intensive employer partnerships, shorter job-focused programs and stackable credentials?

Why you should participate?

At a time of dwindling education spending, the results will feature essential information for state and federal policymakers – evidence to support increased funding for workforce education.

Institutions that take part will be entered in a drawing, and three will receive donations of up to $10,000 to fund scholarships for noncredit workforce students.

Participating institutions will also receive customized reports that allow them to compare their institutions to an aggregate of other colleges that take part – a tool for planning and innovation.

Who should participate in the survey?

The study is targeted to post-secondary education institutions.

We recommend institutions complete the survey in collaboration of the College President, Dean and/or Vice President of Workforce Development and supportive administration.

Note, the survey is “open” which enables multiple staff members to collect and provide data, save it, and return to the draft before completing the submission.

How to get involved?

The study isn’t open long! Please complete the survey link below by January 1, 2021. NC3 will continue to educate our network on the survey results and donation funds through updates from Opportunity America and the Lumina Foundation.


The study website offers helpful FAQs about the study and how to complete it. If you have additional questions, please contact Tamar Jacoby at

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