NC3 Helps Launch a Work Ethic Certification Nationwide

NC3 Supports a National Presidential Workforce Study
October 28, 2020
NC3 Staff Spotlight: Erika Staackmann
November 16, 2020
NC3 Supports a National Presidential Workforce Study
October 28, 2020
NC3 Staff Spotlight: Erika Staackmann
November 16, 2020

WICHITA, Kan. – OCT. 30, 2020 – Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation are partnering with the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, WSU Tech, and National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) to support the national expansion of a pilot work ethic certification based on the mikeroweWORKS Foundation’s work ethic curriculum. The certification is currently underway at WSU Tech and accredited by NC3. The expansion includes an additional 20 post-secondary NC3 leadership schools across the United States.

This program, known as the MRW Work Ethic Certification, is an extension of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation’s S.W.E.A.T. Pledge and examines the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude. Students who successfully complete the program will receive an industry-recognized NC3 certificate. For more information about the MRW Work Ethic Certification, click here for the media kit.

“No matter how quickly the world changes, the qualities of successful individuals are still the same,” said Mike Rowe, founder and CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. “The principles of hard work, determination, and respect for others are always in demand and a big part of our Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Many employers have reached out to my foundation and asked if those principles could form the basis of a new kind of curriculum—a guide, of sorts, to help bolster the importance of these qualities in the American workforce. I’m grateful to Koch for their incredible support in making this curriculum possible and to the colleges who have adopted the program.”

WSU Tech has played an instrumental role in helping to develop and pilot the mikeroweWORKS Foundation’s work ethic curriculum last fall across more than 100 college degree and certificate programs, including aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, general education, business, and design.

“We’ve seen great potential for this curriculum with WSU Tech students, as they work to develop the skills and lay the foundation for fulfilling careers,” said WSU Tech President Dr. Sheree Utash. “This certification focuses on developing qualities that we believe every worker can benefit from embracing.”

The certification program is currently administered through NC3’s online platform, which 20 NC3 Leadership Schools will implement in the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters. Nearly 1,800 students have completed the work ethic curriculum to date.

“Each individual has unique gifts and talents that, when discovered, developed, and applied, can transform our world for the better,” said Meredith Olson, vice president of community affairs Koch Industries. “Through this partnership, we’re excited to see how these students will make their mark.”

“NC3 could not be prouder to accredit and administer this national certification program for the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. We are honored to provide the certifications and instructor training that will ensure the high-level of student competency associated with every NC3 certification and valued by employers,” said Roger Tadajewski, Executive Director of NC3.

To learn more about how to bring the MRW Work Ethic Certification to your school, visit

About Charles Koch Foundation
The Charles Koch Foundation is a nonprofit, private philanthropy with 40 years’ experience in postsecondary education grantmaking. Its mission is to support academic organizations and innovators that empower individuals to discover, develop and use their unique gifts. The Foundation is also a proud partner of the Stand Together philanthropic community. 

About Koch Industries, Inc.
Based in Wichita, Kansas, Koch Industries, Inc. is one of the largest private companies in America, with estimated annual revenues as high as $110 billion, according to Forbes. It owns a diverse group of companies involved in refining, chemicals, and biofuels; forest and consumer products; fertilizers; polymers and fibers; process and pollution control systems; electronics, software and data analytics; minerals; glass; automotive components; ranching; commodity trading; and investments. Since 2003, Koch companies have invested nearly $120 billion in growth and improvements. With a presence in more than 70 countries, Koch companies employ 130,000 people worldwide, with about 65,000 of those in the United States. From January 2009 to present, Koch companies have earned more than 1,300 awards for safety, environmental excellence, community stewardship, innovation, and customer service. For more news and information, visit

About mikeroweWORKS Foundation
The mikeroweWORKS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that works hard to debunk myths and misperceptions about the trades and help close the skills gap. As the CEO of mikeroweWORKS, Mike speaks regularly about the country’s dysfunctional relationship with work and challenges the persistent belief that a four-year degree is automatically the best path for the most people. The Foundation provides financial assistance to people getting trained for skilled jobs through its annual Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Since its inception, mikeroweWORKS has helped grant, or facilitated the granting of, more than $5 million in support of technical and vocational education. To learn more, visit

About NC3
NC3 was established to help build a workforce prepared to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s industries by connecting employers and educational institutions in synergistic partnerships that foster effective training, elevation of skilled careers, and employment opportunities. In fulfilling its mission, NC3 builds deep industry-educational partnerships and develops, implements and sustains industry-recognized portable certifications built on national skills standards. We envision an industrial labor market where all workers have jobs they need to thrive and all companies have well-trained employees they need to operate and grow. Learn more at

About WSU Tech
WSU Tech is Kansas’s leader in modern technical education offering over 100 degree and certificate options in aviation, health care, manufacturing, design, information technology, police science and business. In 2018, WSU Tech was named the 2nd fastest growing college among two-year colleges by The Chronicle of Higher Education. WSU Tech serves as managing partner of the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) in Wichita, KS and is fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a Kansas Board of Regents institution. For more information, visit

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