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NC3 Staff Spotlight: Michael McAlice
April 28, 2021
NC3 Accepts KTEC’s 2021 Distinguished Partner Award
May 24, 2021
NC3 Staff Spotlight: Michael McAlice
April 28, 2021
NC3 Accepts KTEC’s 2021 Distinguished Partner Award
May 24, 2021

May 10, 2021

Harrison, Michigan – Founded in 1965, Mid Michigan College (Mid), has been serving the communities of Harrison and Mt. Pleasant for over five decades. In the last five years, Mid Michigan College has become a leading force for technical education in its communities by investing resources, professional development, and industry-recognized certifications into its academic and workforce programs to meet the needs of both local and national industries.

Since joining the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), a 501(c3) non-profit organization dedicated to national skills training and industry-recognized certifications, Mid Michigan College has evolved into a career and technical education front-runner in the state of Michigan and across the nation by offering NC3 certifications from Snap-on, Starrett, and Festo.

In a recent interview, Shawn Troy, Dean of Career and Workforce Education, explained Mid’s motivation to implement NC3 certifications; “In the last five years, technical education has become increasingly vital to our rural community. We have invested in the industry-recognized curriculum and certifications to support our local industry needs, support our students by providing them world-class education to become skilled technicians, and support the future workforce of our nation. These certifications validate the hands-on skills our students have completed and are recognized by global industry leaders.”

Within close proximity to “Motor City,” Mid Michigan College expressed the high demand for regional skilled technicians in numerous industries including automotive, HVAC, Industry 4.0, and advanced manufacturing. Mid understands the need to prepare its students to meet the constantly evolving technology of these highly skilled industries. “By deploying NC3 certifications in these areas, we are creating a more robust educational experience that employers are looking for. Many local partners including manufacturers and automotive dealers are supporting these certifications because our students are entering the workforce thoroughly trained and with documentation validating their hands-on skills and knowledge,” Shawn stated.

Richard Hollister, Lead Automotive Instructor, also shared, “In two semesters, the automotive students are able to receive four NC3/Snap-on certifications and next year they will be able to get seven. I have also embedded these certifications into the Ford Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) Program so students will not only receive Ford Certifications but also NC3/Snap-on Certifications as well. Regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or industry-backed certification, our local partners have indorsed these certifications and curriculum because of the hands-on training and core competencies our students master.”

Beyond earning the necessary skills that NC3 Certifications provide, Mid Michigan College students are able to rise above other job candidates to earn higher salaries. Richard stated, “These globally-recognized certifications not only make my students more confident in their skills, they also are understanding the impact behind their achievements with higher salaries and greater demand compared to other candidates. The NC3 certifications demonstrate the professional skills a student can perform and also validates that they are completers – and ready to work.”

“Mid Michigan College is a perfect example of an institution listening to the needs of both local and national industries and transforming into a destination of choice for Career and Technical Education. Industry is always changing, and the skill sets are changing. By including these industry-recognized certifications across their numerous programs, Mid is staying ahead of the curve and providing robust, competitive, and highly skilled technicians for their region. There is no doubt that Mid is on its way to becoming a trendsetter for schools nationwide,” expressed Roger Tadajewski, Executive Director of NC3.

When asked, what’s next for Mid Michigan College, Shawn explained that Mid’s goal is to continue to grow its Career and Technical Education Certification programs to offer more opportunities to its students and local industry. He said, “I’m proud of our organization’s evolution over the last few years through the national skills training and professional development NC3 has provided to the Mid faculty and in turn, our students. Our partnership with NC3 has created such an impact thus far. We want to continue to excel and expand more NC3 certifications in advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 to continue our transformation and be a leader in Michigan and the nation.”


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