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May 24, 2021
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May 24, 2021

Our team at NC3 has some impressive employees in our ranks and this Staff Spotlight series aims to highlight the incredibly talented individuals who work with us. We’ll be featuring a new interview in our monthly newsletters, here on our website, and on our social media pages each month.

This month’s Staff Spotlight features NC3 team member, Haley Lechner, NC3’s Training and Events Manager! Before she started working at NC3, Haley worked in Digital Marketing and Event Management. Now she oversees NC3’s Train-the-Trainer events and is proud that her team has trained 1,000 instructors virtually since the start of the pandemic!

Haley’s favorite part of her job is being able to see the immediate impact that it has on instructors. She loves talking with instructors that attend Train-the-Trainer, hearing about the new things they learned at training, and what they’re excited to take back with them to their schools. She’s proud that her team has been able to offer virtual Train-the-Trainer events since the pandemic started, and she is very excited to get back into in-person training this July! 

To learn more about Haley, how she defines true leadership, her love of the Chicago Bears, and more, check out our Q&A session below!

How has NC3 helped you in your career development? 

NC3 has helped me SO much in my career development! I started working with NC3 while I was still in college. At that time I was involved in Event Planning, but it was primarily targeted towards college students. Working at NC3 has allowed me to expand my event planning skills to a much wider and professional audience. 

You’re happiest when _________________.

I’m happiest when I’m golfing with my friends. Weather isn’t always on our side in Wisconsin, so when it is nice out it’s great to get everyone together to play a round. Our skill level falls somewhere between horrible and okay depending on the day, which only makes it more fun for us to be able to laugh at each other along the way.  

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

One thing that surprises most people given that I live in Wisconsin is that I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan. Being a Bears fan has really thickened my skin and taught me how to be optimistic in difficult situations. My whole family consists of Packer Backers which makes for some great debates over the holidays!

What is a superpower you wish you had?

If I could have any superpower, I think it would have to be able to talk to animals. My cat Giannis is a great roommate, but I think we could both benefit from a good conversation about boundaries. If he could understand that when I put him in a car it’s not going to kill him, I think it would add a few years back to both of our lives.

What would you tell someone in high school about the years to come?  

I would tell someone in high school to be their own person and to try new things. I was always afraid to do things that my friends weren’t also doing in high school, but as I got older I appreciated the times I went against the current and tried a new sport or enrolled in a class that was a new subject to me. When I got into my later years of high school I started doing things like joining business clubs and the golf team. They are still some of my favorite memories from those days! 

What does true leadership mean to you? 

Leadership to me means inspiring others with a common goal to perform to the best of their ability, not because they have to but because you have inspired them to want to. My favorite leaders have always been people I’ve wanted to make proud because I respect what they are doing and how hard they work to be where they are. I’ve gotten to work with some great leaders, from sports coaches to excellent teachers and people I’ve worked with who have been great role models in my life.

Want to learn more about NC3’s Virtual Train-the-Trainer events or the upcoming in-person Train-the-Trainer event taking place this July at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, Wisconsin?! Click here to contact Haley today.

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