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June 18, 2022
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July 28, 2022

Our team at NC3 has some impressive employees in our ranks and this Staff Spotlight series aims to highlight the incredibly talented individuals who work with us. We’ll be featuring a new interview in our monthly newsletters, here on our website, and on our social media pages each month.

This month’s Staff Spotlight features NC3 team member, Dominic Mascarella…NC3’s Program Manager for Trane and Thermo King! Before joining our team here at NC3, Dom worked as a manufacturing sales representative for a small sales agency in Ohio called Sacha Associates. They represented 15 non-compete manufacturing companies across the midwest!

Here at NC3, Dom is proud that there are currently 80 total schools nationwide (and growing!) with Trane NC3 Certifications – 17 of which are Secondary and 63 which are Post-Secondary Schools! As of May 2022, 676 certifications have been provided to students across all three of the NC3/Trane Certification Programs: Commercial, Residential, and Data Analytics. Dom is also excited to currently be registering instructors for NC3’s inaugural Thermo King Train-the-Trainer event being held from August 1st to August 5th at the Thermo King Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN!

Check out our Q&A session below to learn more about Dom, what his favorite project has been while working at NC3, how he feels NC3 has helped his career development, and more!

What has been your favorite project while working at NC3?

Developing NC3’s new Thermo King program has been my favorite project while working at NC3 so far. Being able to collaborate with the team at Thermo King throughout these past few months and providing this opportunity to schools in the HVAC/Diesel realm has been extremely rewarding.

What is your proudest moment at NC3?

My proudest moment at NC3 has been being involved in my first official Trane Residential Train-the-Trainer event held at TCAT- Elizabethton this past April. Being able to see the impact and importance this certification had on the instructors who attended was extremely fulfilling.

Do you have a favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, which is a reminder to stay present in the moment and enjoy each moment while you can!

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days off I enjoy going for walks in Mill Creek Park, which is the largest metropark in the United States; it’s just five minutes from my home! I also enjoy playing drums and making music with my friends but my favorite thing to do is just spend time with my family.

How has NC3 helped you in your career development?

NC3 has helped immensely in my career development by providing me with the necessary tools and support needed to be successful. The “tools and support” I mentioned are presented through consistent and constructive feedback that continually guides me in the daily, monthly, and yearly goals I have for my programs.

How do you feel empowered to help shape or participate in NC3’s culture?

The amount of collaboration and support received from other NC3 staff members has empowered my ability to participate in the growing culture that NC3 provides. I feel that I’m at my best when working alongside these amazing people.

Do you want to learn more about Dom and/or NC3’s Trane and Thermo King certifications he oversees? Click here to contact him today.

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