NC3 Staff Spotlight | Marlaina (Marty) Owens

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March 28, 2023
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NC3 has some impressive team members in our ranks and this Staff Spotlight series aims to highlight the incredibly talented individuals who work with us. We’ll be featuring a new interview in our monthly newsletters, here on our website, and on our social media pages each month.

Marlaina (Marty) Owens

This month’s Staff Spotlight features Marlaina (Marty) Owens…NC3’s Program Manager for Thermo King!

Before joining the NC3 team, Marlaina worked in Workforce Development which also includes Business and Economic Development, where she was able to support local businesses secure funding that aided them in training and providing sustainable wages. If you want to talk more about workforce development and how we can collaboratively solve the nation’s workforce problem then Marlaina is your gal! She has also worked in broadcast media and has written several articles for her local newspaper.

In her role as a Program Manager for NC3, she’s excited that her industry partner Thermo King has created a new program at NC3 and that it’s quickly gaining a lot of interest! Schools across the nation are working hard to secure the equipment they need to start teaching their students, and Marlaina is proud to know these students are the future of the transport refrigeration industry! There are currently 4 Thermo King certifications being offered in total with plans of adding more in the future.

Check out our Q&A session below to learn more about Marlaina, what she likes most about her job, where she wants to go on her dream vacation, and more!

What do you like most about your job?

The thing I like most about my role is meeting and connecting with new people. People are so fascinating and they all have a story to tell. It really lights me up to see passion in an industry partner’s eyes and to listen to them. I’ve noticed that with all the people I work with, our shared goal is educating students about an industry that will give them a bright future.

What are 3 words to describe NC3?

Passionate, Dedicated, Knowledgeable

Have you ever faced one of your fears?  

Yes, killing a big spider with my bare hands. I just got back to the car after a couple days of backpacking, loaded up my pack and saw a giant spider on my pack. I panicked, screamed, said a few profanities, and then squashed it with my bare hands. I figured it’d be best to kill the thing instead of having it live inside my car and crawl on my steering wheel when I was cruising down the highway.

Where would you like to go on a dream vacation?

Switzerland to hike/backpack with my two dogs; the mountains are absolutely beautiful in photos and the towns along the way look so quaint and peaceful. I also really, really want to try the chocolate. 

How would you describe the NC3 team?

I would describe my team as fun, eager, and helpful. Everyone at NC3 is so nice, friendly, and helpful. Any time you have a question or need something, the team is always there to lend a hand and help you strategize. 

How do you feel empowered to help shape or participate in NC3’s culture?

I feel empowered to help shape/participate in NC3’s culture because I believe in what we do. I believe in our team and I want to contribute to the positive things we are doing. Our culture is great. I feel accepted and like my work is important. I want others in the organization and new to the organization to feel that way as well. Company culture is so important, and great company culture allows you to thrive and excel in your role. I truly believe NC3 does that and will only get better.


Do you want to learn more about Marlaina and/or NC3’s Thermo King certifications she oversees? Click here to contact her today.

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