SME PRIME Launch Event at Horlick High School

The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is embedding NC3 into their Annual Report
September 18, 2023
NC3 Staff Spotlight | Renee Smith
September 26, 2023
The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is embedding NC3 into their Annual Report
September 18, 2023
NC3 Staff Spotlight | Renee Smith
September 26, 2023

Lisa Marshall, NC3 Program Manager for Festo, attended an SME PRIME Launch Event on September 19th, and wrote the following article on the event:

On September 19, 2023, the Racine Unified School District, in collaboration with the SME Education Foundation, celebrated the launch of the SME PRIME program at Horlick High School. This event marked a significant milestone in providing students with hands-on experience and exposure to the world of manufacturing and engineering. Led by Ron Scozzari from the SME Education Foundation, the launch event brought together key stakeholders, educators, and industry professionals to support and inspire the next generation of engineers.

Key Speakers and Insights

The event featured a distinguished lineup of speakers, each sharing their insights and perspectives on the importance of STEM education and its impact on the future workforce:

1. Lauren Marshall – Safety, Health & Environmental Specialist, Haribo of America

Lauren Marshall, representing Haribo of America, emphasized the critical role that safety, health, and environmental practices play in the manufacturing industry. Her remarks underscored the significance of a well-rounded education that includes a strong foundation in these areas.

2. Tanfella King – Director Principal, William Horlick High School

Tanfella King, the Director Principal of William Horlick High School, spoke passionately about the opportunities that the SME PRIME program brings to students. She highlighted the importance of partnerships between educational institutions and industry leaders in preparing students for successful careers.

3. Alex DeBacker – Executive Director of Academies & Transformation, Racine Unified School District

Alex DeBacker, the Executive Director of Academies & Transformation, commended the collaboration between the school district and SME Education Foundation. He emphasized the transformative potential of programs like SME PRIME in shaping the educational experiences of students.

4. Jeffery Trinka – Lead Teacher, Manufacturing Pathway, NC3 Trained Instructor

Jeffery Trinka, an NC3 Trained Instructor and the Lead Teacher of the Manufacturing Pathway, provided valuable insights into the curriculum and hands-on experiences that students can expect in the SME PRIME program with NC3 Certifications. His expertise and dedication to empowering young minds were evident in his engaging address.

Impactful Testimony: Andrew Clemons

A highlight of the event was hearing from Horlick High School Junior, Andrew Clemons, who shared how the SME PRIME program has influenced his career aspirations. Clemons expressed his newfound passion for engineering, attributing it to the hands-on learning opportunities provided by the program. His testimonial resonated with the audience, showcasing the real-world impact of SME PRIME on students’ career trajectories.

Horlick High School PRIME Labs Tour

The launch event also included an immersive tour of the state-of-the-art PRIME Labs at Horlick High School. Student ambassadors were on hand to guide attendees through the facilities, sharing their personal experiences and projects. This interactive tour provided a firsthand look at the innovative learning environment created by the SME PRIME program.


The SME PRIME launch event at Horlick High School on September 19, 2023, marked a pivotal moment in the educational landscape of Racine. With the support of dedicated educators, industry leaders, and enthusiastic students, the program promises to nurture a new generation of skilled engineers and manufacturers. The event exemplified the power of collaborative initiatives in shaping the future workforce and ensuring a prosperous tomorrow for the community.

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