The NC3 Certification Model

NC3 feels that all students should have access to state-of-the-art, hands-on education and industry credentialing with no cost or barriers. NC3 and our industry partners provide these certifications as part of our non-profit services.

There are five easy steps to start to engage with the NC3 Network below.

How to Implement NC3 Certifications

Bring NC3 certifications to your school! Below are four easy steps to start implementing certifications.

NC3 certifications are industry-driven and developed through a rigorous process assessing international skill standards endorsed by leading global companies. Each certification includes a proctored hands-on performance evaluation and a online competency-based exam. Certifications, and digital badges, are awarded to candidates who successfully pass the hands-on performance evaluation and online knowledge exam.
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Choose an NC3 Certification for Your Program


Find a certification(s) in the NC3 Certification Library that will benefit your program(s).

Click here to view all of the NC3 Certification Flyers for detailed information on each certification.

Attend an NC3 Train-the-Trainer Event


In order to certify individuals an instructor must be NC3 Certified through the NC3 Professional Development Train-the-Trainer. Register your instructor for the certification professional development that suits your program. This training takes place at one of NC3's Center of Excellence institutions or industry locations. Instructors will participate in an Master Instructor-led hands-on training. Following the training event, all instructors must pass the NC3 certification exam in order to certify future students.

Click here to view the upcoming Train-the-Trainer event dates.


Fill Out a New Certification Request Form


Did the instructor attend a professional development Train-the-Trainer event?

Did the instructor pass the certification exam?

Fill out the New Certification Request Form to begin the process to verify your facility/technology assets, gain access to the NC3 Testing Portal, and certification exams. The NC3 Onboarding Specialist will follow-up with you directly after submitting the form.


Certification Implementation


As stated in the "NC3 Certification Process" and NC3 EULA, upon gaining access to NC3's Testing Portal,, the authorized proctor, must be present during the entire exam(s), provide access to certification exams for eligible students to earn the industry-recognized credentials.

Upon achieving the written exam and performance-based exam, the NC3 credential and digital badge can accessed through the NC3 testing portal.