How To Deliver Certifications

The NC3 Certification Model

NC3 certifications are available to NC3 Certification Centers and Leadership Schools. NC3 feels that all students should have access to state-of-the-art, hands-on education and industry credentialing with no cost or barriers. NC3 and our industry partners provide these certifications as part of our non-profit services.

There are four easy steps to start to engage with the NC3 Network below.

How to Implement NC3 Certifications

Bring NC3 certifications to your school! Below are four easy steps to start implementing certifications.
Questions? Contact Nick Gill.

1. Choose an NC3 Certification

Find a certification(s) in the NC3 Certification Library that will benefit your program(s).

Click here to view all of the NC3 Certification Flyers for detailed information on each certification.

3. Contact Your Local Industry Representative

NC3's certifications require the use of industry partner equipment. All equipment purchases are completed through the industry partner, not NC3. Contact your local industry representative that is partnered with NC3 on the certification to get a quote on the certification equipment.

Don't know your industry rep? Contact NC3's Certification Coordinator and we will help you find the best contact.

4. Fill Out a New School Request Form

Did you attend a Train-the-Trainer event?

Did you pass the certification exam?

Have you purchased the appropriate equipment for the certification?

Fill out the New School & Certification Request Form to begin the process to gain access to the NC3 Learning Management System and certification curriculum. The NC3 Certification Coordinator will follow-up with you directly after submitting the form.