Industry Certification Program

FICP is a comprehensive certification program developed by industry experts and educators that ensures students have qualifying skills upon graduation, including soft skills such as effective communication, managing others and critical thinking. FICP is easily integrated with existing certificate, associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, and offers four levels of certification.

  • STEM Certifications | Introduction
  • Level One Certifications | Fundamentals
  • Level Two Certifications | Applied
  • Level Three Certifications | Advanced

Industry Certification Information

About Festo

Festo Didactic is a leading provider of technical education equipment and training. Festo’s educational solutions evolved from its world-class automation and engineering division and integrates the latest trends in each learning system it offers. The innovative product range allows educators and trainers to equip their classroom with the technology they need, from individual workstations to complete Learning Factories, as well as training and consulting, courseware solutions, and digital learning.

Mechatronics is a growing field with excellent wages and high demand. Come learn more about it at Patrick & Henry Community College!


Growing a Network of Partner Schools Address the U.S. Labor Gap

“Certifications are increasingly important as rapid advancements in technology spark the rise of ‘smart’ connected work environments and the need for a highly skilled workforce,” said Tony Oran, Vice President of Festo Didactic. “With jobs of the future tied to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), many employers desire certifications  demonstrating specialized skill sets keeping pace with industry growth.”

History of the Partnership

The quality and scope of the FICP courses and expert skill levels of trainers go a long way in preparing students for jobs in diverse industry segments. Since the partnership began in 2018, Festo and NC3 now have certification centers spanning North America with hundreds of certified instructors bringing high quality instruction to thousands of students.

Value of the Partnership

Students, education entities and, most importantly employers increasingly see the value of demonstrated knowledge and skills.  Education at all levels work with industry and education organizations to align the workforce they produce to the needs of industry at local, regional and national levels.

Festo Didactic partnering with NC3 and fellow industry leaders ensure students are well-educated and job day one. We do this by deploying the industry’s best educators, designing a rigorous certifications, and providing access to simulated smart factory equipment and learning systems. The NC3 Train the Trainer program provides technical educators the ability to teach students the skills and competencies necessary in the increasingly sophisticated world of Industrial Automation.  The Festo NC3 certification program gives instructors, students and industry the confidence that a viable workforce is created to support a robust industry base in their community.

Future of the Partnership

As NC3 continues to expand in scope and influence in education and industry, Festo Didactic continues to identify new skill requirements and learning paths.  Along with the growing list of secondary and post-secondary schools across the country, Festo Didactic collaborates with NC3 to provide a comprehensive portfolio of Fundamental, Applied and Advance skill sets.  NC3 Industry partner collaboration is an integral element of growth expanding the breadth of certifications offered supporting community workforce needs.  Festo and NC3 increasingly recognize the importance of STEM centered instruction reaching younger students and continues to expand introductory certifications aimed at giving students opportunities to explore potential career paths at an early age.

Transform Your Program

Through the FICP program, students can horizontally or vertically stack certification credentials. Horizontal stacking allows students to train across a variety of topics, for a well-rounded Industry 4.0 education. Vertical stacking provides a more concentrated focus on a specialized technology area, moving through all three levels to complete individual certificates.



STEM Certifications | Introduction

NC3 STEM certified students are introduced to various aspects of technical education with the idea of discovery.  The certifications are designed to allow students to explore their interests in technical fields.  The student can determine if a career path in a technical field is of interest to them.

Level 1 Certifications | Fundamentals

NC3 certified students in Level 1 are well-rounded machine operators/technicians, with responsibility for efficient operation of the equipment. They ensure the system is running at maximum capacity with an understanding of the role of each component and device. They can identify malfunctions and make minor repairs.

Level 2 Certifications | Applied

NC3 certified students through Level 2 are skilled technicians able to assess and analyze the system as a whole. They can manage, investigate, repair and troubleshoot I4.0 systems to maximize operation and process control. They understand how individual components interact with each other to make the whole system run efficiently.

Level 3 Certifications | Advanced

NC3 certified students through Level 3 understand the design and engineering of complex I4.0 Systems. Their responsibilities will include applying systems engineering practices, such as engineering, process management, and quality assurance management, in a project with the goal to implement, maintain, or improve I4.0 systems.

Current NC3 Industry 4.0 Certifications

STEM Certifications | Introduction
Level 1 Certifications | Fundamentals
Level 2 Certifications | Applied

Where Can I Use These Certifications?

Level 1
  • Electromechanical Technician
  • Production Technician
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician

Level 2
  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Automation Technician
  • Applications Engineer

Level 3
  • Industry 4.0 Operator
  • Industry 4.0 Technician
  • Mechatronics Engineer

Lisa Marshall

NC3 Program Manager | Festo


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Patrick & Henry Community College:
Featured Case Study

Patrick & Henry Community College

Industry 4.0 Case Studies

Patrick & Henry Community College in Martinsville, Virginia is the newest addition to the growing network of NC3/Festo Didactic partnership schools. FICP integrates with the college’s existing programs in mechatronics, industrial electronics technology, and general engineering technology and provides a globally recognized validation and certification of students’ skills in areas such as mechanical systems, electrical systems, pneumatic systems, programmable logic controllers, and robotic systems.

Read all about Patrick Henry's new Industry 4.0 program here

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  • Tricia Munoz
    From the moment I registered to the completion of my exam, everyone supported me through the process and training.  The trainer was very patient and understanding to each of the questions I and the other attendees asked. Both Adam (the trainer) and Stefany (support) worked one-on-one with us through the more difficult segments and double-checked our understanding before moving on.  I went into this training having very little working knowledge of mechatronics and by the end felt very comfortable with the equipment and curriculum.  I truly appreciate NC3 and Festo providing this opportunity for me to help support the continued scale and execution of the 3M Map program.
    Tricia Munoz
    Director of Work-Based Learning Engagement
  • Tony Bean, Mechatronics Instructor
    The information covered during the hydraulic and pneumatics certifications was right in line with the Festo Didactic curriculum that comes with the trainers. I came away from the class with a much better understanding of what can be taught using that equipment… This helped me to develop a better hydraulics/pneumatics class for our students.
    Tony Bean, Mechatronics Instructor
    Rowan Cabarrus Community College
  • Nancy Wilson, NC3 Master Instructor
    Developing and presenting the FI4.0CP Train-the-Trainer classes has been a great experience. It is also a great opportunity for students to be able to obtain a mechatronics certification. I have taught the Train-the-Trainer fluid power class in Tennessee and Wisconsin and in both cases, I left with additional ideas that we intend to include in the fluid power classes offered at Lawson State Community College.
    Nancy Wilson, NC3 Master Instructor
    Lawson State Community College
  • Dr. Angeline Godwin, President
    We are creating a core workforce that can meet industry needs and attract future investments in this area. Focused industry training for both the future and current workforce is what our area needs for economic recovery.
    Dr. Angeline Godwin, President
    Patrick & Henry Community College