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With buildings responsible for almost half of the world’s energy consumption and 40 percent of that attributed to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, the HVAC industry has become a key focus area for businesses and organizations challenged to manage costs and preserve the environment. As a result, the industry is going through a transformation with more emphasis being placed on renewable energy sources, advanced technologies and energy saving strategies.

As this dynamic industry is changing, it’s creating new, exciting opportunities for professionally trained and certified technicians … professionals who can help businesses run more efficiently, lower operational costs, be more productive and reduce their environmental impact.

Filling the Workforce Development Gap

Recognizing a need to fill a gap between technician education and the skills needed in the workforce, Trane became a proud partner of NC3. As an integral partner of NC3, Trane helps schools with great residential and commercial HVAC labs to provide students with specialized training, using the latest, most advanced equipment and sophisticated controls systems to create real life scenarios for hands-on learning.

History of the Partnership

For Trane, filling the gap between technician education and workforce skills is not just a need, it is a responsibility. This commitment to our industry led Trane to become one of the original corporate sponsors of the NC3 organization.

Value of the Partnership

Our partnership with NC3 helps to develop qualified technicians and operators with the right skills to grow and sustain the industry. The program also allows Trane to have a positive impact on technical education and workforce development in the energy efficiency and sustainability industry.

Future of the Partnership

To keep up with the growing demands of the dynamic HVAC industry, Trane seeks to work closely with schools and students in order to have a positive impact on the industry and communities around the country.

Transform Your Program

Trane takes a holistic approach to campus performance. We’ll help you transform your buildings into a tangible representation of higher education that values sustainability, affordability and higher learning. NC3 Leadership School members are provided with expert consultation – from the tools and equipment, to facility planning, faculty training, and the support necessary for NC3 certification programs.

List of Certifications Offered

NC3 Certifications:
  • Give technical school students exceptional hands-on experience in state-of-the-art learning environments
  • Provide access to the most current, relevant curriculum available
  • Are taught in well-equipped labs
  • Help address skilled workforce needs regionally and nationally

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Current NC3 Building Automation Systems (BAS) Certifications
  • BAS - 1: Intro to HVAC Systems, Building Control
  • BAS - 2: Automation, Spaces, Equipment, Security
  • BAS - 3: Set Points, Scheduling, Area & VAS, Points
  • BAS - 4: Chiller Plant Control, Alarms, Events
  • BAS - 5: Data Logs, Reports, Backup

Current NC3 Residential HVAC Certifications

Dominic Mascarella

NC3 Program Manager | Trane/Thermo King


Ask me how I can help build your Residential and Commercial programs.

Where Can I Use These Certifications?

Data Analytics
  • Agriculture
  • Business and Marketing
  • Education
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Scientific Research
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Tech Innovation
Commercial HVAC
  • Building Energy Management
  • Building Controls Operation
  • Building Report Analysis
Residential HVAC
  • Home HVAC System Installation and Retrofit
  • Home HVAC Optimization
  • Home HVAC Maintenance

Lake Erie College:
Featured Case Study


Case Studies

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Trane Service and Controls Technicians are the core of our Service business. These everyday heroes work both inside and outside of customer buildings to install, start-up, inspect, maintain, repair, upgrade and replace HVAC systems and Controls. Please check out our video.

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Our Building Services Business is Connected Because...

Trane Building Services focuses on providing solutions for the current trade shortage. Please check out our video.

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Gateway Technical College Case Study

Gateway Technical College and Trane joined forces to replace aging equipment with new, operationally reliable energy-efficient systems and collaborate on their common goal of advancing career and technical training by establishing advanced HVAC classrooms and working labs, otherwise known as a Center of Excellence (CoE), to improve desired outcomes for their graduates.

CNBC Feature: Air Quality During the Pandemic

Businesses are attempting to look past the pandemic and buildings are ramping up health checks as they prepare to reopen their doors. Trane Technologies is a heating and cooling company that manages air quality in buildings. Michael Lamach, CEO of Trane Technologies and chair of the board of the National Association of Manufacturers, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss how the company is working with businesses to keep employees and customers safe.

  • The skills and knowledge students gain from the hands-on learning experiences in schools using what NC3 and Trane have to offer make them uniquely qualified to take on real-world challenges when they enter the workforce.
    Lisa Knapp, Vice President, Human Resources, Commercial HVAC NA & EMEA
  • The collaboration of NC3, industry leaders and technical colleges is important in order to create a curriculum that develops the skills that match the needs of the workplace. Programs like NC3 are essential to helping students prepare for success in the workplace, and for the future of the HVAC industry too.
    Pat Archambault, Director, Strategic Programs, Sales
  • The HVAC industry has thousands of jobs that need professional men and women who have completed technical education and development. The NC3/Trane partnership establishes the momentum in this critical development area and is changing student’s lives each stop along the way.
    Kevin Bollom, Vice President, Trane Service