Student Success Is All of Our Priority.

As an NC3 educational leadership team member, you put in place all the systems and resources to develop modern and aspirational places of learning. Through your inspiration and engagement, students will understand that their learning is not the consolation prize of the educational system and that they are valued and their futures are important.

Our goal as an organization is to meet the needs of local industry and to instill the drive students need to launch them into their careers of choice. With the help of thought-leading educational leadership and industry approved NC3 curriculum, students will leave their programs prepared to compete effectively in the marketplace.

State Level Participation

NC3 values its partnerships with local and state decision makers. If you are in educational leadership at the state level, we look forward to your support as NC3 works diligently to accelerate skills training at the state system level.

Become a National Model for CTE

As an NC3 Member school, the role of educational leadership is to help drive your school to become a national model for world-class CTE training. This includes developing strong industry partnerships, creating modern aspirational places of learning tied to industry needs, and providing support to their CTE instructors for ongoing development to become world-class instructors.

Who Participates

NC3 Educational Leadership is comprised of Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans, Superintendents, and Senior Administrative Staff from Community Colleges, Technical Schools, and Second Education Institutions from around the United States.

Transform Your Program

NC3 Leadership School members are provided with expert consultation – from the tools and equipment, to facility planning, faculty training, and the support necessary for professional certification programs. As an NC3 member, together, we will help drive NC3 and CTE participation at the local, state and, national levels. As an NC3 Leadership School, you’ll have direct access to the Executive Director of NC3 and support from the entire NC3 organization.

Educational Leadership Benefits

  • National role in industrial training policy
  • Custom benchmarking and consultation tours to NC3 model campuses and programs
  • Update to programmatic areas with strong labor market demand
  • Senior administration collaboration opportunities with the NC3 network of leading educators and industry partners
  • Professional development opportunities for instructors to become a national NC3 Master Instructor to train other instructors
  • World-class programs based on national skill standards
  • World-class facilities that reflect industry trends and vision
  • Benchmarking to industry/education partnerships
  • Graduates prepared to industry standards
  • Professional development opportunities for incumbent workers

Educational Leadership Engagement Opportunities

  • NC3 Annual Leadership Summit
  • National Signing Day
  • Visioning and Benchmarking Tours
  • National Conferences (AACC, WDI, ACTE, ATEA, US FabLab Symposium, etc.)
  • NC3 Strategic Programs

NC3 Membership Includes a $5,000 Investment Per Fiscal Year.

Membership includes all NC3 resources, events, and membership benefits.

While there is a cost associated with buying equipment and sending instructors to Train-the-Trainer events, but with the NC3 model, there are no additional costs going forward and no fee of any kind for certifying students – ever.

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No Additional Hidden Costs

Many certification programs have fees associated “per test” and this can limit the integration of the certification into the existing technical program. Integration is key and equates to access for all students.

As an NC3 Educational Leadership Team Member, You Will Have Responsibilities that Include:

  • Actively engage with NC3’s industry partners
  • Share best practices with fellow NC3 members
  • Implement NC3 certifications broadly across relevant programs
  • Provide support to NC3 instructors at your institution
  • Participate in NC3 events, such as National Signing Day, on your campus

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