Success Begins and Ends with Instructors

As an NC3 Certified Instructor, you are a front-line educator working to solve the skills gap by preparing the new skilled labor workforce. It is critical that NC3 Certified Instructors understand, promote, and support industry-driven curriculum and technologies.

How it Works:

NC3 puts state of the art curriculum into classrooms. NC3 Certified Instructors attend a “Train-the-Trainer” in-person event (2-5 days) led by nationally recognized NC3 Master Instructors. Instructors learn how to teach the NC3 stackable credentials including hands-on labs, use of equipment, and industry-sponsored curriculum.

Train-the-Trainer events are a great opportunity to benchmark state of the art technical education facilities across the nation.

Core Competencies

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Access state of the art curriculum for classrooms
  • Learning that works
  • Preparing tomorrow’s workforce

Today's Teachers with Tomorrow's Skills

Be a Part of Something Bigger

NC3 is always looking for more top-notch instructors to join the team. There are two types of NC3 Instructors, a Certified Instructor, and a Master Instructor. NC3 holds both Certified and Master Instructors to a very high standard. We encourage garnering an institution’s presidential support of the program as well as covering advanced learning materials prior to participating at an NC3 instructor.

Types of Instructors

NC3 Certified Instructor:
To become an NC3 Certified Instructor, you can follow these four simple steps!

NC3 Master Instructor:
To become an NC3 Master Instructor, you must be from an NC3 Leadership Member School. You also must have school administrative support, the willingness to teach and the passion to spread the NC3 vision. As a Master Instructor, you will be part of the Train-the-Trainer traveling team that develops and teaches the NC3 and industry partner stackable certifications to fellow NC3 Certified Instructors.
Click here to meet NC3's Master Instructors.

Interested? Contact Alex Brookhouse.

A Growing Network of Support

NC3 fosters idea sharing across the network of schools. Faculty members have the opportunity to build a lasting professional support network and to experience cutting-edge training facilities and organizations. Perhaps most importantly, NC3 Certified instructors become champions among faculty in developing and advancing instruction on campus. Finally, NC3 Certified Instructors have access to benchmark programs, curriculum, facilities, and processes with other Member schools – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Benefits of Becoming an NC3 Certified Instructor

  • Benchmark state of the programs and facilities with other Member schools
  • Lead the charge in industry certifications in US workforce
  • Access to professional development opportunities
  • Certification course count for CEU credits
  • Receive direct support from the NC3 team for certification implementation
  • Represent a new wave of advanced technology curriculum and certifications

Benefits of Becoming a Master Instructor

  • Opportunities to travel the nation to share your story and the story of your home college
  • Be part of a team that develops state of the art curriculum for the 21st-century workforce
  • Have a direct impact in thousands of students lives
  • Join a great collaborative team of NC3 industry partners, education centers, and organizational partners
  • An administration supported program creates many outlets to build better relationships and direct lines of communication within your institution
  • Share your story and learn from those at other NC3 certified schools
  • Instructors provide supportive, hands-on instruction to foster confidence and comprehension of materials as students move toward their future careers

As an NC3 Instructor, you will have responsibilities that include:

  • Uphold NC3 advanced curriculum
  • Maintain hands-on testing standards
  • Maintain instructor re-certification to ensure up-to-date curriculum is implemented at your school
  • Promote professionalism
  • Harbor a new wave of workforce that will fill the skills gap
  • It's valuable for me to train other teachers and to be taught myself for continuous improvement as an educator. You need to learn and adapt to what is happening today and not what happened yesterday.
  • In automotive, we are problem solvers. We have to solve the issues within vehicles. When in the classroom, I can actually connect the math skills my high school students are learning in their math classes to practical situations in an automotive environment with the NC3 certifications we offer at our institution.
    Jerry Kobriger | Automotive Instructor
    Park High School
  • For the instructors, NC3's certifications are a turnkey package - they have a turnkey set of training aids that matches the curriculum but also we want to make sure that the learning environment matches that level of professionalism as well. So if you look at all our labs, Centers of Excellence, and Train-the-Trainer locations, you will see something very similar, reflecting what industry expects for new incoming employees.
    Earl Bailey
    National Education Partnerships Manager, Snap-on Industrial
  • Kevin Valentino
    All the NC3 curriculum and all the equipment is being introduced to us (at Train-the-Trainer) so we can take it back and start teaching the students with the new equipment and the new curriculum.
    Kevin Valentino
    Retired - Auto Tech Instructor, Sylmar High School
  • Jeremy Smith
    Being an NC3 master instructor gives me a personal pride to step out and work with other instructors throughout the Nation.
    Jeremy Smith
    Diesel Technology Instructor, Wallace State Community College